Disney+ Movie Continues to Dominate the Streaming Top 10

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One Disney+ movie continues to surge on the charts this week. People hoping for a break from Encanto are going to be waiting for a while. Nielsen‘s latest rankings still have the move at the top of the list with no real end in sight. Other Disney stalwarts like Moana and Frozen are still ranking high near the end of the list. But, surprisingly they’ve been joined by two relative newcomers in Eternals from Marvel and the newest Ice Age movie. However, even with all that movement, the story still comes back to Encanto and the massive pop cultural force it has become. 

In a recent earnings call for Disney, CEO Bob Chapek said that they would be making the movie into its own franchise, much like Frozen. What shape that will take is up in the air, but the momentum is clearly there over on the corporate side. Lin-Manuel Miranda talked to Bloomberg about his monster song ”We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” It seems as though the musical mastermind was caught off-guard by the wild success.

“By the time I got back [from vacation], ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ had kind of taken over the world along with the rest of the Encanto soundtrack,'” Miranda said with a laugh. “It helps you have the perspective of, ‘The opening weekend is not the life of the movie. It’s just the very roughest draft.’ Two months out, people are talking about Bruno, and his whole family.”

“I was saying to a friend: I think this is my ‘Send in the Clowns,'” Miranda explained. “‘Send in the Clowns’ was Stephen Sondheim’s only chart-topper. Who would have guessed out of the millions of songs he wrote that it would be ‘Send in the Clowns’? It feels random in one sense.”

“But on the other hand, we’ve all been locked up for two years,” he continued. “The notion of a bunch of voices happening within one home feels very resonant, with hindsight. There’s kind of a part for everyone to play in singing along with the song. If you’re not bopping to this melody, another melody is coming along in two seconds because almost every character gets a little feature in it.”


How many times have you seen Encanto? Let us know down in the comments!

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