Does a New Rockstar Games Job Listing Hide a GTA 6 Clue?

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A new Rockstar Games job listing has caught the eye of Grand Theft Auto fans desperate for information on GTA 6, which has yet to be officially announced or confirmed, but is heavily rumored to be in active development for the PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The job listing is for an “Interaction Designer.” If the title of that role sounds vague to you, you’re not alone. That said, according to the job listing, the position is responsible for, among other things, creating “best-in-class experiences for large-scale websites, applications, and other digital products.” The job listing doesn’t contain many other salient details, but it does confirm the applicant should expect to work with “emerging technologies.

“Our Interaction Designers create digital experiences for our players to engage with our brands in new and exciting ways,” reads another snippet of the job listing. “We look to leverage emerging technologies to creatively solve problems for our players and extend the core experiences of our world-class games across new and existing touch points.”

What does this have to do with GTA 6? Well, some Grand Theft Auto fans think this job listing is a sign of a big upcoming marketing campaign. If this true, then it would presumably be for the reveal and release of GTA 6.

For now, take all of this speculation with a grain of salt. Right now, there’s not enough evidence that this job listing is indicative of anything noteworthy, let alone the marketing campaign for GTA 6. That said, recent rumors have suggested the game will finally be revealed this year, but we’ve been hearing these types of rumors for several years at this point.


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